Hello, my name is Bill Hamway!

I'm an explorer, entrepreneur, investor, designer & friend.

Thought of the moment...

You are no more than what you make of yourself. Your future is in your control. Decide, act, improve. What are you waiting for?

I'm currently working on...


3D Photography + Social Photo Booths for Conferences, Music Festivals, and Private Parties.



Simple, social, modern photo and video marketing software for live events.


I proudly serve my community...

Event Director

Partnered with Tim Tebow Foundation to host a Prom for People with Special Needs. We have 400 guests come out to be the superstars of the night!

My favorite day of the year.

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Trip Leader

I get to lead teams of people through the mountains of Seguin, Haiti.

We build sustainable water sources for families, so they don't have to hike 4+ hours every day to get water to survive.

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I've worked with...

Product Design

Contracted with Ambassador to help them mature their product while working remotely as a Product Designer + Product Manager.


Director of Product

Started this as an internal project and grew it into a beautifully simple employee directory for the modern enterprise.


User Experience Specialist

Product Designer for Special Projects for Dan Gilbert's Family of Companies.


User Experience Specialist

Designed internal tools to increase organizational efficiency and teamwork.


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